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Excellent service. Mary is brilliant, professional and knowledgeable. She has really helped my back, neck and posture. I am very grateful!

Ellan Vannin Family Chiropractic Clinic Favacon
Shem A.

I can’t believe the difference we have seen in our little girl after a few visits to Mary. Even after the first session we noticed a difference! Our little girl was very unsettled; crying a lot, struggled with latch, struggled emptying her bowels regularly and letting go of her wind. I can’t thank Mary enough for her work, it’s helped not only our little girl but our family too.

Ellan Vannin Family Chiropractic Clinic Favacon
Mili D.

Dr Mary is awesome- I wouldn’t trust my aching limbs and torso to anyone else! Got an ache? See Dr Mary she’ll sort you out 10/10

Ellan Vannin Family Chiropractic Clinic Favacon
Mark W.

Friendly and professional service. Mary kept me walking through my second pregnancy and I would not have coped without her help and advise. Highly recommend xx

Ellan Vannin Family Chiropractic Clinic Favacon
Nicki N.

Fabulous, professional treatment and advice. Mary is very kind and goes above and beyond with the care/service she provides. She treated me during and after my pregnancy and has helped my aches and pains massively. Would highly recommend!

Ellan Vannin Family Chiropractic Clinic Favacon
Hannah D.

Ellan Vannin clinic has been amazing! I had my pregnancy massages and now my baby is treated there by Dr Mary. She is wonderful with babies! My daughter suffered from silent reflux, didn’t nap during the day, after few visits to see Dr Mary we have much happier baby! The clinic staff are very professional and friendly. Thank you

Ellan Vannin Family Chiropractic Clinic Favacon
Edita J.

I have been seeing Mary every 2 weeks throughout my second pregnancy. I can only say amazing things about this woman and her team! During my first pregnancy (and afterwards) I had terrible problems with my back and was off my feet on several occasions. I’m almost full term now and haven’t missed a single days work due to my back/hip problems. I’m 100% more comfortable. Genuinely can’t believe the difference! I would absolutely recommended EVCC to anyone!

Ellan Vannin Family Chiropractic Clinic Favacon
Kim H.

Dr Mary is brilliant, I saw her during my second pregnancy and she worked miracles, my pain levels improved from the very first session and she also helped to make sure that my baby had room to manoeuvre into a head down position! She is now also looking after my little guy and had been fantastic with him too.

Ellan Vannin Family Chiropractic Clinic Favacon
Robyn B.

This clinic was highly recommended by 3 friends of mine and many acquaintances on the island. I had various ongoing problems over the years that doctors and specialists here and in England could do nothing about. In Oct ’17 I had shooting pains in my back every time I stood still and could not move an inch until it subsided about 5 minutes later. I suffered for a few months and finally gave in making an appointment to see Dr Mary Phillips. I had a long list of problems, past and present. Every time I saw her I was amazed by something she would quietly correct with no pain what-so-ever. I think highly of Chiropractic treatments now, especially with Mary. I am so lucky to be living on this island and to be able to see her whenever something crops up!

Ellan Vannin Family Chiropractic Clinic Favacon
Linda C.

Total skeptic came for relief from a frozen shoulder. Was desperate to try anything. Mary is amazing. You don’t realise how much pain and discomfort you are in until it’s gone. She is some kind of magical wizard who just makes everything move and feel better. Will also gives the most amazing massages. Really gets to the root of the problem. Highly recommend.

Ellan Vannin Family Chiropractic Clinic Favacon
Katherine F.

Mary, Ailsa & the rest of the team are so professional, kind, helpful & courteous. Thank goodness they have a base in Ramsey! I’d certainly be lost without them in recent weeks. Because of Mary & Ailsa there is light at the end of the tunnel.
EV Ramsey Rocks!

Ellan Vannin Family Chiropractic Clinic Favacon
Melanie L.
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